Sometimes in life we get stuck, and try as we might, our effort to un-stick is just so much wheel- spinning: no matter what we do, we remain in that rut, watching it deepen every time we accelerate.

The rut might be caused by something small or by something very large. It can feel familiar, lived with for a long time, or be brand new, never experienced before. Sometimes it causes a subtle disturbance, a loss of harmony and balance. Sometimes it results in more pronounced symptoms: depression or anxiety or a change in our ability to constructively handle emotions like anger.

But for all of its variety, it has this common denominator: the experience of pain, helplessness, and barrier to a fully-lived life.

Psychotherapists are professional listeners, and are professional mirrors of the listening process. Contained within those two skills is the body of knowledge that therapists bring to the alleviation of human distress.

When the psychotherapist’s expertise combines with the client’s self-knowledge, problem-solving skills, and life experience, the rut starts to fill, and the vehicle of the client’s life stops spinning in place and begins to move forward.